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Birth is an amazing journey. Below are a few stories and testimonials from clients who wished to share their experience of that journey with others.

Updated birth stories coming soon!





We feel immense gratitude for the care we received from Rachel throughout the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Rachel’s care provided the perfect blend of evidence based care, traditional wisdom, and respect for our values and concerns. Her gentle presence made us all feel at ease and part of the process – even our four-year-old got in on the act, converting his Tonka truck to a “midwife truck” to carry the Doppler! Our prenatal visits were never rushed, and Rachel took time to address not just my physical wellness, but also emotional, social, and nutritional concerns. The birth itself was very fast, but Rachel was there, crouched in our tiny bathroom as I caught my baby – flexible in every sense of the word! Our postpartum care, again, exceeded expectations, and it was so wonderful to receive that care in our home. Choosing Rachel to be our midwife was absolutely the right choice, and we highly recommend her!

The Hatch Creed family

Johanna, Evan, Liam, and baby Aurora, born 7/2/14






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