Local Resources:
▶ Happy Bambino
▶ Kohl's Safety Center
▶ La Leche League of Wisconsin
▶ Mother's Milk Alliance - local weath for local health
▶ Wisconsin Guild of Midwives

Below is a link to a directory of midwives in Madison. It includes midwives who do homebirths, birth center births, and hospital births:
▶ Madison Midwives

Birth and Breastfeeding Resources:
▶ American College of Nurse Midwives
▶ Chilbirthed.org - Homebirth Prep classes
▶ Citizens for Midwifery
▶ Kellymom
▶ Midwives Alliance of North America
▶ La Leche League International

Literature on Homebirth:
▶ Books on Amazon.com
▶ Consumer Reports - "Back to Basics for Safer Childbirth"

Photo Credits:
 Emily Shier

Other Links:
▶ Insurance Complaint Form


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