"All around the world the postpartum period is considered a sacred time. In many cultures, women are not expected to carry on with their usual lives. Instead, they are revered and recognized for this new journey they have embarked upon."

- Peggy O'Mara – Having A Baby, Naturally

New mother and her baby sleeping in the afternoon sun.        Women need and deserve extra care during the postpartum period, while their bodies and minds go through major changes such as physical healing, learning to breastfeed, bonding with their baby, hormonal changes, dealing with new emotions, adjusting to relationships and learning new parenting skills.
     Postpartum care includes home visits within the first 24 and 72 hours after the birth. During these visits, the state mandated Newborn Metabolic Screen and a Newborn hearing screen will be performed for your babe with your permission and consent. The midwife will also provide the necessary paperwork to generate your baby's birth certificate (and social security number) as well as walk you through the completion and submission of this paperwork.  Phone consultations will continue as needed until a one or two week visit can be scheduled.  A final checkup at six weeks postpartum will wrap up your care. Your midwife is on-call for you during this entire six week period and will provide more than the above stated home visits as necessary.
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